Southern California church building projects - on time, within budget

How We Work:
A Team Concept for Timely, Cost-Effective Results

For any church building project there will be multiple people responsible to insure it proceeds as planned. There needs to be a proven system in place for coordinating their efforts and the many requirements and participants of the project. This is our specialty at CityWorks.

CityWorks uses a team approach for working closely with owners, architects and contractors. The outcome is greater cooperation, coordination and on-time completion. Overall, this results in fewer surprises - and lower costs.

This team management concept will help you retain operational control and oversight. The staff at CityWorks offers vast experience in the construction industry, plus decades of experience in architecture and construction law. With this broad range of expertise, we manage all facets of the project, including design and construction. No matter how complex or unusual your organization or its needs, we’ve been there and done it.

Our management approach relieves much of the burden that would normally fall onto members of your organization – tasks for which they may have no training or experience. These include entitlement processing, budget development, master planning, design coordination, value engineering, government approval assistance, contract negotiations and preparation, construction supervision, project administration, scheduling, quality control, and legal services.

CityWorks assembles the entire development team and manages the project from beginning to end. As is often needed in a donor-based organization, we are able to integrate our resources with the resources of the owner. This allows you to take advantage of in-kind donations and the qualified expertise that already exists in your congregation.

Our entire aim is to keep you on time and on budget – even with our fees factored in. As you consider your project plans and how to insure it will succeed, we invite you to contact us and have a conversation regarding how CityWorks can bring your plans to fruition, and reduce the strain on your existing resources.