Church building design and construction, Los Angeles

Construction Management Services:
Experience in Reducing Time, Cost, and Frustration

Managing church building design and construction can seem overwhelming, even if your organization has experienced it before. For CityWorks, it’s all we do. We see our responsibilities as your owner representative falling into four discrete categories. They are:

  1. Project Administration
  2. Design Planning & Review
  3. Accounting & Budget Compliance
  4. Construction Review & Coordination

Our professionals in each of these areas foster cooperation and goodwill with your contractors and service providers, all the while keeping your interests in mind. Our job is to act as your liaison, to improve performance, cost savings, and timeliness.

With 30 years of professional service to church organizations, we have gained the respect of the contractors, lenders and municipalities with whom we interact. We encourage you to contact us and learn more about how we can act as your owner representative and bring peace of mind to your next major project in the following areas.


Project Administration

As part of our administrative services, CityWorks is responsible for the management and coordination of your design and construction team. This requires seasoned knowledge of how professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering and construction work and communicate with each other. Our Project Manager brings that knowledge to the table, and reports directly to you as the owner of the project.

In short, you have someone in your corner protecting your interests, who takes the time to understand your driving principles behind the project. It’s what you would experience if your organization did major church building design and construction projects every single year and had a full time person on staff to handle them.

Your CityWorks’ Project Manager is responsible for all:

  • Scheduling
  • Pre-construction cost analysis and budget preparation
  • Coordination of all consultants, including architects and engineers.

Administration services include preparation of:

  • Project reports
  • Contracts
  • Entitlement services (including city planning requirements)
  • Lender presentations


Design Planning & Review

Design and planning services insure that your plans are both feasible and well coordinated. Our experience provides you with a keen eye for all the things that can possibly go wrong – and how to prevent them. These review services include:

  • Complete constructability reviews
  • Cost analyses
  • Value engineering
  • Quality control
  • Proposals for alternative designs and design methods
  • Pre-bid planning
  • City and fire department coordination
  • Civil, soils, and remediation surveys
  • Coordination of owner provided items including furnishings, seating, AV and Security systems


Accounting & Budget Compliance

In the area of accounting and compliance you will experience current cost savings, as well as potential avoidance of future expenses and liabilities. Our services include:

  • Contractor billing reviews
  • Budget and actual cost comparisons
  • Insurance requirements and lien releases
  • Administration of long lead items, bank coordination and cash flow forecasting


Construction Review & Coordination

Administration of the construction phase allows you to benefit from a construction professional onsite who understands exactly what is happening from phase to phase on a day-to-day basis. Construction review and coordination includes such items as:

  • Construction cost reviews
  • Substituted system reviews
  • Coordination of owner provided items and direct owner contracts, safety policies, site security, and project closeouts


Additional Construction Services

In some instances CityWorks will provide construction services to help your project succeed. Such work is performed through our affiliate company, CityWorks, Inc., experts in church building design and construction.

During pre-construction and planning CityWorks targets cost savings as a top priority. Once construction begins, the company continuously reviews the project for additional cost saving measures. Construction managers have a background in the construction of commercial, industrial, institutional, medical and religious facilities. The company project managers perform all bidding, estimating, submittal review, and other coordination within the centralized home office.

Field personnel are on site and are given the responsibility of managing and expediting the job, but are tasked with the added responsibility of handling paper flow. Project managers and the accounting department are responsible for all project billing and accounting, utilizing a comprehensive cost control system for reporting to Owners. As a general contractor, CityWorks Inc. brings the expertise to oversee and deliver large projects that meet each client’s expectations. The company subcontracts a majority of the work to highly select subcontractors who are specially qualified in their individual trades. This affords a higher level of control and helps maintain a competitive edge.

To learn about CityWorks church building design and construction, please contact us for a review of your project needs.